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Description: Blanka went from zero to sixty. Blanka enjoys toying herself, and what gets her off even more is when there's a photographer in the room. "I come from a very conservative family," says Blanka. "My father and my brother would think I was a slut if they knew about this. But they do not look at sexy magazines or websites. They read mechanics magazines and go to sleep at 8 p.m.!" Blanka does have a mean streak. We wrote about it a few years ago and we'll repeat her story. "The photographer was a gentleman but I saw he had a big erection when I played with my tits so I teased him," said Blanka. "I played a big joke on him. I said if he took good pictures of me, I would suck his dick in the bathroom. Then when the photos were done, and he went to the bathroom, I got dressed and left to go to my hotel!"





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