Mandi McGraw Is Now Our Oldest Milf... so far!


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Description: Women like Mandi McGraw don't come along too often, but when they do, we grab them! There are a lot of reasons Mandi is special, but since this is Day 1 of her three-day special (and we don't want to give everything away from the start), we'll list just some of them:

1. At 69 (born August1940), she's our oldest MILF ever on, 10 months older than Christy Cougar.
2. She's a wife, a mother and a grandmother.
3. She's been married to the same guy for 50 years, yet she's a swinger who loves getting fucked by strangers in every hole.
4. Yes, we did say every hole. Mandi sucks cock, rides it with her pussy and takes it deep in her ass. And she doesn't care how big the cock is...or what color it is.

On Wednesday, Mandi will become our oldest ass-fucked MILF ever, and that's a beautiful thing. But for now, get to know this sexy lady from Tampa, Florida (she was born in California). Watch how she blushes when she talks about sex. Oh, and one more thing: She was sent to us by Georgette Parks (who once fucked her husband). Some guys have all the luck.





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